Home Restoration and Improvement Advice

Are you curious about getting into the home improvement industry? Tired of paying contractors two hundred percent above the actual cost for simple repairs around the house? If you read this website religiously like you would read your daily bible, then you will be a knowledgeable DIY contractor in no time! We will be posting detailed how to guides on every topic imaginable ranging from repair jobs like water damage restoration to jobs where you will actually be adding to your house. Room add-ons, cabinet installations, basically anything you could ever think of. It will all be covered here. The website is still new so forgive the lack of content at the moment. We will be doing our best to add at least two to three articles every day.


A little bit of information about the writers:

Johnny: At the moment our only writer is me – Johnny, however, as time goes on we plan on extending our writing staff to include areas of expertise that I am not one hundred percent on (spoiler! There’s not many subjects that go into that category!) Anyways, my name is Johnny and I’ve been doing home construction services for more than twenty years. Nothing makes me happier then tearing something down and making it better. Or looking at things from another view, repairing something for someone that would have cost them thousands of dollars if they want with someone else. I don’t, and never have, done construction for the money. I live a modest life and get my income from the smiles that my customers send my way. I am the former owner of Brea water damage restoration company. I worked with them for most of my life doing home renovations, restorations, and repair for basically the entire city of Brea, CA. I do miss operating the company, but I know it is in good hands with some of the people that I trained and educated on the intricacies of home improvement. All Points Restoration will always have a special place in my heart and I wish them the best.

Anyways, that’s a little bit about me. I will add more information as time goes on and as the site grows. Contact us with any questions and make sure to comment and share the site with friends!